Vedic Astrology Ghosts and Paranormal

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” : John Milton: The Paradise Lost

Chandrma manso jatah“ (Moon is static factor for mind) : Purush Shukt Rig Veda (The most sacred book of Hindus).

I am enlisting some important planetary combinations from Vedic astrological classics for diseases caused by ghost or demons i.e. hallucination in medical science.

1. If Moon and Rahu are conjuncted in ascendant (lagna) and there are malefic planets in trines (trikon) then subject is haunted by ghosts.: Brihad Jataka (Chapter 23, Verse 12)

2. If Saturn and Rahu are conjunct in ascendant (lagna); subject suffers from demon and related ailments.: Sarvarthchintamani (Chapter 2, Verse 88)

3. If ascendant is in movable sign and Saturn in seventh house and malefic planets cast ill aspect on Moon then subject may encounter ghosts or demons.: Jatak Paarijat (Chapter 6, Verse 94)

4. If weak moon is conjunct with Saturn in 8th house; the subject may suffer from ghosts or demons.: Shashth Vivek (Verse 94 and 95)

5. If Gulik or Mandi ( mathematical astrological point in a chart –not a planet) is in a badhak (obstructer) house ( 11th,9th and 7th houses or movable, immovable and dual signs respectively ) or in a trik (6,8,12th houses of a chart) house subject suffers from disease of ghosts and demons .

In fact a person with a strong will power is never haunted by demons etc. We rarely hear of demons play in a mortuary where dozens of corpses are there.

In all the above combinations weak Moon plays prominent role.

So weak and badly afflicted Moon creates such disease called –“ghost’s or demon’s haunting”.

Monsters are real and Ghosts are real too, they live inside us, and Sometimes they win”.

Affliction to Moon causes a person to either imagine or observe such kind of entities.

Below are few combinations which results in above :-

• Ketu in Rahu nakshatra connected to Moon.

• Moon in Scorpio sign connected with Saturn or Ketu.

• Moon in Rahu nakshatra aspected or conjuct 8th lord.

• 8th lord connected to moon.

• Moon and Saturn conjuction in Ketu ruled Nakshatras.

With these planetary combination one can experience:

Moon in 8 or 12th house, afflicted by Rahu-Ketu and Saturn.

Birth of amavasya and Moon afflicted by Rahu-Ketu, if Moon is in Virgo, Karka, Scorpio or Aquarius then chances are more prominent.

Rahu-Ketu affection on ascendant and a weak Moon.

A weak Jupiter amplifies things.

If Sun is also afflicted then affection could be serious.

Always see Moon’s navamsha and also diety of Shastiamsha.

As per Vedic text Rahu rules all unrealistic power, when Rahu is heavily afflicted in dusthana houses then this kind of paranormal powers can be seen.

But logically these are state of mind the people mostly encounter. Moon represents Mind and Mercury represents nervous system. When Moon and Mercury is severally afflicted by Rahu and other malefics then native will suffer from evil spirits.

The hidden activities in life has to be seen from 8th house.

~ Rahu represents fear which is not real.

~ Saturn represents fear which is real.

~ ghost or paranormal activity is both real and unreal fear.

So if Rahu is in Eigth house aspected by Saturn, or conjunct Saturn. This should mean this fear. If the Influence of Rahu is high on a person’s horoscope and if there is a relationship between Chandra and Rahu, then the possibility of someone being haunted by ghosts or paranormal powers is high. If they are born on Swathi Nakshtra, Arudra, Mrigashira, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha Nakhshatras, then they will have inclination/ interest/visions towards paranormal powers.

Taken from Quora

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