Lenormand Combinations #29 Woman


Meaning: Yourself
Yourself, or Queen of Hearts / wife / partner when the person seeking advice is male. If there is a wife and a lover, then this card represents the lover. In this case wife / girlfriend would be the Snake. As well: End of a cycle. New beginning by transformation.

Well-developed female characteristics. As well: Illuminate sources of tension. Happiness in love is questioned.

Your own needs should take priority. Make your own decisions. As well: Win recognition. If you are a man: Listen more to your partner’s opinion. Show her how important she is.

Character: Female 

Woman in combination with …

  • Rider: Moving forward. Woman will receive good message. Woman or man comes towards you. Woman meets young man.
  • Clover: Woman, cheerful and humorous. Woman seizes an opportunity. Bright woman.
  • Ship: Woman on a journey. Woman is longing for something or someone. Waiting.
  • House: Stability. Estate agent. Housewife.
  • Tree: Woman working in medical field. Main person prone to inertia. Spiritual woman. Quiet and stable woman.
  • Clouds: Unstable. Confused. Anxious woman.
  • Snake: Seductive woman. Annoying woman. Wise.
  • Coffin: Religious woman. Sick woman.
  • Bouquet: Attractive. Loving friend. Charismatic.
  • Scythe: Quick-acting. Aggressive woman. Someone has a shocking past. Resolute woman.
  • Whip: Opinionated. Unteachable. Hostile or aggressive.
  • Oriole: Nervous and anxious woman. Two women. Talkative. Open-minded.
  • Child: Immature. Woman with child. Naive woman.
  • Fox: Business-minded. Honest. Sly. Foxy.
  • Bear: Woman and her father or grandfather. Get in contact with another man. Protective. Encroaching. Powerful, rich, and benevolent woman.
  • Stars: Dreamer. Supernatural. Clarity. Sensitive.
  • Stork: Woman brings changes. Flexible. Woman experiences change.
  • Dog: Friendly woman. Woman with a friend. Woman you already know. Loyal woman. Friendly relationship with a man.
  • Tower: Lonely woman. Main character has a past involving separation. Woman isolates herself.
  • Park: Outgoing. Extroverted woman. Socially committed woman. A woman in the focus of public.
  • Mountain: Stubborn woman. Closed-off and hard woman.
  • Way: Resolute woman. Woman avoids a decision. Woman makes a decision.
  • Mice: Broken, dishonest interests. Woman dissatisfied with herself. Nervous.
  • Heart: Newly in love. Romance. Enamored woman.
  • Ring: Married. Recurrent. Feeling trapped.
  • Book: Educated. Mysterious. Keeping a secret. Hiding true personality. Introvert.
  • Letter: Journalist. Message from a woman. Superficial but sociable.
  • Man: Main characters don’t have much to say to each other yet.
  • Lily: Flirt. Woman with sexual interests. Love, harmony, and peace.
  • Sun: Optimistic. Strong attraction. A nice time.
  • Moon: Emotional. Soulmate. Emotional woman.
  • Key: Wealthy, reliable, and materialistic woman.
  • Fish: Prosperity. Businesswoman. Sensitive woman.
  • Anchor: Main character tends to depend on others, represented by the neighboring cards. Reliable. Stable.
  • Cross: Sorrows will pass by. Religious. Burdened. An object has been met.
  • http://lenormand-reading.com/36-lenormand-cards-in-detail/#

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