Lenormand Combinations #28 Man


Meaning: Yourself
Questioner himself, or King of Hearts / husband / partner when the person seeking advice is a woman. If there is a husband and a lover, then this card represents the lover. In this case husband / boyfriend would be the Bear. As well: House. Seat of the soul.

Well developed male characteristics and traits. If you are a woman: Listen more to your partner’s opinion. Show him that he is important. As well: Competing with partners. Happiness in love is questioned.

Use your fighting skills. Go to the foreground. Make decisions. As well: Don’t pressure your partner if they are weak. Don’t listen to what others say. Winning recognition.

Character: Male 

Man in combination with …

  • Rider: Alert man. Woman or man comes towards you. Active man.
  • Clover: Having luck at the crucial moment. Man seizes an opportunity. Lucky man. Cheerful.
  • Ship: Main character is longing for something or someone. Waiting.
  • House: Landlord. Family man. Estate agent.
  • Tree: Needing medicine. Partner for life. Sick man.
  • Clouds: Scared. Quick to change. Confused.
  • Snake: Seductive man. Getting in contact with a woman. Dishonest man. Man with two women.
  • Coffin: Depressive person. Sick man. In the near future something will go wrong.
  • Bouquet: Flirting. Luck. This man is not yours alone. Charming. Attractive.
  • Scythe: Warning. Aggressive man. To be threatened. Decisiveness. Quick to anger.
  • Whip: Man who gets into trouble. Sexuality. Physical abuse.
  • Oriole: Main character gets into a mess. Talkative man.
  • Child: Main character has new beginning. Immature. Acting like a teenager. Man with a child.
  • Fox: Honest and discreet. Smart. Sly.
  • Bear: Strength. Powerful, rich, and benevolent man. Protection. A man and his father or grandfather.
  • Stars: Daydreamer. Clairvoyant. Main character will gain brief clarity.
  • Stork: Man causes change. Flexible man. Main character has a change ahead of them.
  • Dog: Loyal man. A man you already know. Friends and comrades.
  • Tower: Lonely man. Officials. Main character has a divorce ahead of them.
  • Park: Outgoing. Socially committed man. Extroverted man.
  • Mountain: Main character is dominant. Loner. Closed-off man.
  • Way: Resolute. Man contemplating a decision. A man is going his own way.
  • Mice: Bankruptcy. Losing yourself. Giving up interests.
  • Heart: Romance. Loving man. Enamored man.
  • Ring: Married man. Committed. Promised to each other.
  • Book: Man you don’t know. Introvert. Main character hides their personality. Mysterious. Intelligent.
  • Letter: Journalist. Superficial but outgoing man. Message from a man. Weak connection.
  • Woman: The two main characters are very close to each other. Connections. A couple.
  • Lily: Mature man. Attractive man. Patient. Powerful aura.
  • Sun: Optimistic. Man with strong attraction. Main character will have a blissful experience.
  • Moon: Soul mate. Sensitive man. Creative.
  • Key: Main character feels safe. Reliable. Successful. Security through a man.
  • Fish: Prosperity. Businessman. Man who loves money. Calculating.
  • Anchor: Man becomes dependent. Reliable. Stable. Hardworking man.
  • Cross: Burdened. Religious. Sorrows passing by. Fate.
  • http://lenormand-reading.com/36-lenormand-cards-in-detail/#

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