Lenormand Combinations #17 Storks


Meaning: Change
Journey. Move. Changing jobs. Flexibility. As well: Turning back. Mother figure. Transformation.

This card represents constant change. Look at the surrounding cards to find out to what is changing or affected by change. As well: Start changes. Change by or through partnership.

You should think about a reversal. Change your life. As well: Take action to start something new. Don’t move in the wrong direction.

Character: Flexible 

Storks in combination with …

  • Rider: News about changes. Change brings progress. A new man brings changes in your life.
  • Clover: Successful changes come within the next few days.
  • Ship: Longing for change. Change of residence. Changes relating to a journey.
  • House: Move. In stable body.
  • Tree: Improved health. Long-lasting changes. Change will come in about one year.
  • Clouds: Lack of concentration. Threatening change. Uncertain change.
  • Snake: Change is delayed. Change in a roundabout way. Changes for a woman.
  • Coffin: Rejection. No change. End in sight.
  • Bouquet: To get to know a new woman. Improvements. Visitor brings changes.
  • Scythe: Unexpected change. Painful change. Sudden change.
  • Whip: Disputes. Restless change. Prison or court.
  • Oriole: Difficult change. Changes with two possibilities.
  • Child: New start leads to change. Pregnancy. Changes for a child. Short-term change.
  • Fox: Keep the status quo. Positive change through cunning. Avoid whatever is represented by the card to the left.
  • Bear: Change brings stability. New boss. Change for the better.
  • Stars: The card to the left will bring clarity. Positive change.
  • Dog: Changing attitudes toward loyalty. New friends.
  • Tower: Multiple separations. End of loneliness. Changes are limited.
  • Park: Change of environment. Changes in society. Change is public.
  • Mountain: At the moment, no changes are possible. Development falters. Slow progress.
  • Way: Go different ways. Change directions. Change brings a decision.
  • Mice: No changes at all. Discouragement. Unpleasant change. Sticking to what you’re used to.
  • Heart: A relationship changes for the better. Change for which you have been hoping. Things that are close to your heart will change.
  • Ring: Love match. Promise. Contract changes. The card to the left will lead to a stable relationship.
  • Book: Change caused by insight. A secret is revealed. Unexpected change.
  • Letter: Superficial changes. News about changes.
  • Man: Moody. Torn inside. Man expecting changes. Flexible.
  • Woman: Moody. Torn inside. Changes for a woman. Woman expecting changes.
  • Lily: Mature man leads to a change. Short affair. Changes in family.
  • Sun: Actively change something. Positive change brings energy. Will to act.
  • Moon: Emotional changes. Emotional satisfaction.
  • Key: Life-altering event. Change will definitely occur. Change gives security. Important change.
  • Fish: The card to the left is important for getting more money. Financial changes.
  • Anchor: Restructuring at work. Long-term results. Change by release. Changes at work.
  • Cross: No changes at all. End to sorrow.
  • http://lenormand-reading.com/36-lenormand-cards-in-detail/#

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