Arudha Lagna

Lagna represents the true self, Arudha lagna represents how the native is perceived by others in this material world. Since the previous answer has given a detailed explanation about arudha, am not going deep into it.


Suppose if the lagna is Aries , the lagna lord Mars is in the 3rd house Gemini, count three signs from Mars which arrives at the Leo. It becomes the ARUDHA PADA for the lagna. Likewise we can calculate the Arudha padas for all the bhavas, which is also called as BHAVA ARUDHAS.

Each Arudha pada has a specific names. Bhava Arudhas & their different names are as follows :

A1 ~ Arudha lagna, pada lagna

A2 ~ Dhan arudha, dhan pada, vitta arudha

A3 ~ Bhatra/ vikrama arudha or pada

A4 ~ Matri/sukha arudha or pada

A5 ~ Putra/Mantra Arudha or pada

A6 ~ Roga/Shatru Arudha

A7 ~ Dhara arudha

A8 ~ Mrityu / Kashta arudha

A9 ~ Bhagya/ pitris arudha

A10 ~ Karma/ Swarga arudha

A11 ~ Labha arudha

A12 ~ vyaya/ Moksha arudha or Upapada lagna.

GRAHA ARUDHA means the arudha lagna of the different houses in a natal chart.

We can make the graha arudha chart for all divisional horoscope also. Just as the arudha lagna shows the manifestation of the native in this world of illusion (maya), arudha padas of the houses show the maya associated with the matters signified by that house.




1. Ascendent lord or lagnesh in 7th house then 7th from 7th is 1st house and rule is 1st and 7th house will never be arudha, so count 10th housr from 1st house so 10th house will be arudha lagna of ascendent lord sitting in 7th house.

2. If Lagna or ascendant lord position in Lagna chart is in 6th house then count same number house away from lagnesh that’s Arudha lagna like in this case its 11th house itself.

3. Arudha should never be fall in 7th from lagna if arudha falls in 7th house, if arudha lagna or pada falls in 7 house from that house then rule is, count 10 house from the 7th house.

4. Let say ascendent lord is in 4th house so 4th from 4th house is 7th house so Arudha can’t be here hence count 10th house away from the 7th house. so arudha of 4th house will be 4th house.

5. Here is One more rule, if (lagnesh) ascendent lord in ascendent or lagna in such case count 10th house from ascendent or first house, so 10 house will be the Arudha of ascendent lord sitting in ascendent.

6. Ascendent lord or Lagnesh in 10th house so 10th from 10th is 7th house so hence 10th house from 7th we falls at 4th house as Arudha lagna.

Arudha Lagna Literal Meaning

Suppose person having Scorpio ascendent ascendent lord Mars in 5th house in Pisces so arudha lagna will be 5th house from 5th house that is 9th house the sign of cancer, so here what we will think about person ascendent lord in pisces, we will think person is imaginative, isolated, deep thinker, skills, dance, intelligent but arudha lagna is in cancer so person will look like emotional, moody, nurturing, caring, Homesick from outside so world will perceive him as an emotional, moody and caring person.

Arudha pada

Arudha Pada of 1st house – Arudha pada of first house is known as arudha lagna so arudha pada of 1st house is persons actual nature, traits, personality and extrovert nature of a person.

Arudha pada of 2nd house – Arudha pada of 2nd house indicates what are the source of your income, family environment, basic education and your family environment. suppose your 2nd house lord is sitting in 7th house then your arudha oada of 2nd house will be 12th house so 12th house will tell your source of money, family environment and speech.

Arudha pada of 3rd house – Arudha pada of 3rd house indicates from where person is getting courage from, person’s siblings nature, where person will travel.and how will be the person skills, hobbies and talent.

Arudha pada of 4th house – Arudha pada of 4th house indicates what type of home environment, mother’s nature, property and house, cars person is going to get in his/her life.

Arudha pada of 5th house – Arudha pada of 5th house indicates how much and what kind of Love person will get in his life. arudha pada of 5th house says person’s children and their nature, person’s skills, hobbies, natural skills and talent, politics and stuff like that.

Arudha pada of 6th house – Arudha pada of 6th house tells about person’s enemies, job, employees, day to day activities, pets, disease.

Suppose 6th lord is sitting in 9th house so arudha pada of 6th house will be 12th house so planets in 12 house and 12th house lord will tell about his disease, enemies, litigation, day to day activities.

Arudha pada of 7th house – Arudha pada of 7th house tells about partner, partnership, business, open enemies the kind of business, partners and business person is interested in.

Arudha pada of 8th house – Arudha pada of 8th house says about person’s ups and downs, chronic disease, death like situation. suppose person having 8th lord is Mercury is sitting in 12 house so arudha pada of 8th house is 5th from 12th house because mercury 8th lord is 5th house away from 8th house which is 12 house,so arudha pada of 8th house will be 4th house so 4th house will tell about person’s ups and downs, death like situation so at home person will never feel satisfied and well and experience ups and downs and death like situation on day to day basis until he leaves home.

Arudha pada of 9th house – Arudha pada of 9th house will tell about person’s father, luck. from where person’s destiny will be open up.

Arudha Pada of 10th house – Arudha pada of 10th house tell about where person will get his Job, promotion and status.

Arudha pada of 11th house – Arudha pada of 11th house indicates from where person’s income, gains, desires and wishes are coming from.

Arudha pada of 12th house – Arudha pada of 12 house indicates from where person whole expenditures, loss, isolation, depression are coming from.

House from Arudha Lagna – House are extremely important as far as arudha lagna is concerned, 2,11,1,4,7,10 house are important as for arudha lagna, 2nd house indicates money and wealth, 11th house from arudha lagna indicates earning, gains and person’s desire. 7th house tell about the factor who is stopping us from moving ahead. 12 house from arudha lagna indicates losses. 3rd house from arudha lagna indicates courage and desire, 8th from arudha indicates ups and downs.

Planets in Arudha Lagna

Exalted planets in Arudha Lagna indicates early success whear as debilitated planets in arudha lagna indicates a soft person, late success and some turmoil.

Mars in arudha lagna indicates person is bold and courageous.

Saturn in arudha lagna indicates person is laborious, hardworking, job oriented, depressive and slow.

Ketu in arudha lagna indicates a researcher, occultist, a scholar, astrologer, mathematician.

Rahu in arudha lagna indicates person’s desire, obsession and wishes.

Moon in arudha lagna indicates person is kind of emotional, nurturing, imaginative and deep thinker.

Jupiter in arudha lagna indicates lucky, very kind, genuine person with full of optimism.

Mercury in arudha lagna indicates good communication skills.

Venus in arudha lagna indicates very good, positive, relationship oriented person.

Sun in arudha lagna indicates a confidant, bold person.

Planets Transit in arudha Lagna 

Say Saturn transit into arudha pada of 7th house say 3rd house so person’s marriage will be promised as soon as saturn transit in 3rd house.

Jupiter transit in arudha lagna indicates optimism, luck, wealth, new environment and opportunities.

Suppose person Asc lord in 5th house so arudha lagna will be 9th house so whenever Jupiter transit in person’s 9th house person luck will improve, enhance and person true personality and real image will come in front of world.


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