Atmakaraka, the Ruler of the Soul

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Why Atmakaraka is So Important?

Roeland de Looff, the author of the Dirah Academy Jyotish courses, wrote that Atmakaraka shows us how the soul will be able to develop during this life. He also recommended to pay attention to the house of the horoscope where Atmakaraka is located. ‘This is the main house in which karmic experiences work out, and are worked out. This house will certainly be a very important house for you, but it may not always give the easiest experiences’. I do confirm that the house where my Mercury is located did bring, and keeps bringing, the most difficult challenges of my life.

Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda explained in their book Light on Life. An Introduction to the Astrology of India that the important factor is how far the planet has advanced in the sign it is in. So Atmakaraka is the most advanced of all planets, it shows where on our path through numerous incarnations we’ve accumulated the most experience.

Visti Larsen wrote in his book Jyotisa. Fundamentals. My Master’s Words that Atmakaraka ‘shows one’s soul’s purpose and that which is important in one’s life’. He also explained that the true goal of all souls is liberation from the repeated births.

However, before one can attain this goal, one has to undergo a series of events to unlearn some of the negative traits that cause repeated bondage in this world. The bondage of the soul is indicated by the planet becoming the Chara Atmakaraka. How one faces these lessons is indicated by the house placement of the Chara Atmakaraka.

Freedom Tobias Cole wrote in the first volume of his fundamental Science of Light. An Introduction to Vedic Astrology that, according to the sage Parasara, Atmakaraka is a king among the planets.

As a king has governance over a country, and the country affairs will be controlled by the king, in the same way the AK controls one’s life. If the king of a country is good then all his ministers do good acts. If the king of a country is evil, his cabinet will be filled with scandals and negative acts. The planet which becomes AK will show the internal nature of the person, it is the seed of the ahamkara (the sense of self).

The Atmakaraka planet shows the personalized nature of the individual’s soul. It shows the soul color or soul flavour of that particular person. It is the planet that we have the most karma to work with in this life. When we speak about the nature of a person’s soul we utilize the Atmakaraka planet.

Both Visti Larsen and Freedom Cole gave recommendations to those who have a particular planet for the Atmakaraka. These recommendations will be listed in the next section, marked with the authors’ initials.

Advice for Different Planets as Atmakaraka

The Sun Atmakaraka
{FC}: When the Sun becomes AK it indicates the individual will hold a deep value for power, position, and respect. This indicates the person has to learn humility to overcome their karma associated with ego.

{VL}: Ego, self-importance, ideals, name, reputation become the pivotal issues in the native’s life, and he should learn to subdue his own ego.

The Moon Atmakaraka
{FC}: Indicates that the individual should be very caring and compassionate, and family and social life are important. The person needs to overcome small family attachment and realize the whole world is one’s family.

{VL}: Emotions and compassion towards others becomes a big issue. Due to excessive emotional dependence, the native may always be looking for relationships, or relationships will be looking for them.

Mars Atmakaraka
{FC}: Indicates that the individual may be competitive or aggressive. They need to learn to have playful competition and refrain from all forms of violence following the path of non-violence (ahimsa).

{VL}: Short temper, or excessive anger/violence may be expressed or experienced by the native, and the native should make a conscious step to throw away any weapons and grudges and learn the path of non-violence or ahimsa.

Mercury Atmakaraka
{FC}: Indicates the individual is very interested in communication (such as mail) and information (such as books). The person needs to control their speech, debate less, and be truthful at all times.

{VL}: When to speak and when not to speak becomes a major issue either for the native or his/her social circle. Such people should be particularly careful of what they say, and to whom they say it.

Jupiter Atmakaraka
{FC}: Indicates that the individual has an affinity for expansiveness and wisdom. The person needs to be open to others’ opinions, and should always respect the Guru, husband and care for children.

{VL}: The most important issue for such people is whom they consider as a teacher/guide and whom they do not consider. Such people should learn to respect their teachers and elders. There is a risk of the person neglecting their spouse, or suffering separation from their spouse. They should care well for their children.

Venus Atmakaraka
{FC}: Indicates that the individual is concerned about aesthetics, music and creativity. The person needs to control their sexual energy, and refrain from lust and illegitimate sex.

{VL}: Relationships and sex becomes a major issue for such people. The person should always try to maintain purity in relations, and not to overindulge.

Saturn Atmakaraka
{FC}: Indicates that the person will see sorrow in their life and understand the suffering of others. They need to practice not giving others sorrow but instead share the sorrow of others.

{VL}: Either the native sees a lot of sorrow in life, or gives a lot of sorrow to others. The native should learn to take away the sorrow of others, but not give sorrow to others.

Rahu Atmakaraka
{FC}: Indicates that the individual maybe cheated often or not conscious of situations that they became entangled within. They need to practice good discernment and refraining from deception.

{VL}: The person trusts others too easily, and as a result often finds himself cheated or deceived, and a risk is there that the same person may cheat others in return in a never-ending cycle of cheating. The person should learn to accept deceit and move on. Foreign people/places also have a vital role to say with this graha.

Atmakaraka Calculator

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