Two of Hearts House

2herc.jpgTwo of Hearts – House (Casa) 

Polarity when Upright: Neutral to Positive

Upright Meanings: House, Building, Everything that has to do with real estate, Solidity and prosperity, Family harmony, The heart of the issue (the why of something)

Polarity when Reversed: Negative
Reversed Meanings: All the places where the querent wouldn’t want to be, Bad outcome in buying or selling real estate, Family harmony damaged or ruined, Activities and business closing down

GENERAL UPRIGHT MEANING: Here’s another rather easy card to interpret. The Two of Hearts in the Vera Sibilla generally refers to a building, and as such it depends completely on the context and the surrounding cards for its correct interpretation. 

   There are several traditional combinations linked to it: for instance, House + Sick Man is a clinic, House + Money a bank, House + Priest a church or a courthouse, House + Handmaid a restaurant, and many more that you can easily reconstruct by yourself. 

   Being a Two of Hearts, the House is a welcome sight if your wish is to get back together with your sweetheart. Example: Gathering + House can, in context, be exactly the testimony we are looking for to show the re-creation of a broken family, if no other disruptive card afflicts the spread in a meaningful way. 

  Also, if it follows a sequence of love or falling in love, it shows the consolidation of a relationship. If cards of solidity and prosperity come up near it, we can judge that the querent’s family and love life is in good shape.  On the other hand, if the House is beset by cards of disruption or decline (e.g. House + Consoling Surprise Rx, or House + Old Lady Rx) it’s a sign that things will start going downhill. 

    The House is also commonly seen when we talk about an office and when the querent asks about buying or selling real estate, usually near cards of money or transaction (Artist + House is the traditional combo for the letting or buying contract).

  One of the oldest meanings of this card is “the heart of the issue”. On occasion, the cards that fall near it describe the real issue which has caused the present situation. But don’t rush to this interpretation whenever you see the House: in 80-90% of the cases, you would be wrong, unless the querent’s question is framed in terms of “why”, in which case it is worth taking a look.

    Example: „Why is she seeing him?“: Female Lover Rx + House + Present of Jewels. Because she is her own priority (her significator near the House) and cares only about money (Present). 

   As a rule, if it makes sense to interpret it otherwise, do it. If you are uncertain, ask the querent: you are perfectly entitled to it. Sometimes this meaning is relevant at a different, more advanced stage of interpretation, when we take into account harmonies and dissonances within the spread, or when we count cards in the 5×5 Master Spread.

GENERAL REVERSED MEANINGS: When coming up reversed, the House becomes generally negative. It describes all those places where the querent would rather not be or go, and/or where he feels or is a prisoner. This can include his own house, if he doesn’t like it or the people who live there, or the metaphorical „place“ that is the couple he is in. 

      To give you an extreme example, House Rx + Death is traditionally the mortuary, House Rx + Widower, the graveyard, House Rx + Old Lady a nursing home. But, as always, don’t drag these meanings into the interpretation if it makes more sense, in context, to give a different meaning. Example: House Rx + Death could also be a disruption in the family or couple, or a trauma connected to it, while House Rx + Old Lady could mean an old house, or decline in feelings. 

      Most of the combinations that are neutral to negative when the card is upright (e.g. House + Sick Man, hospital) become more clearly negative when it is reversed. To put it more clearly, you are unlikely to be brimming over with joy if they take you to the hospital, and this regardless of whether the House is upright or reversed. 

      But when it’s upright, it could also mean a sick or stagnant situation at home, for instance, which in itself makes the place it describes less attractive to the querent. While this, in context, could be true in case of reversed House as well, in such case it is more likely to point us to a hospital. 

      It is as if the cards were saying “Hey, over here! Look! He really really REALLY doesn’t want to be in this place, and it has to do with sickness (Sick Man)” so it can confirm hospitalization, rather than old uncle Charles spending his remaining weeks with your family. As a rule, House Rx gives you room for a more pessimistic interpretation of the combos. 
     Clearly, should this card turn up in the context of a reading on real estate or business, it would be a strong indication of failure or closing down. However, since in such situation there would need to be various other  more significantly economic cards, I’ll explore the topic when I get to those.

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