Three of Hearts Belvedere

3herc.jpgThree of Hearts – Belvedere (Belvedere) 

 Polarity when Upright: Positive
Upright Meanings: Arrival, A movement toward the querent, Expecting something, What’s coming up next, Good news, Some anxiety
Polarity when Reversed: Negative
Reversed Meanings: Delays, Bad news on the way, Whatever or whoever arrives is not good and should be kept at a distance

GENERAL UPRIGHT MEANINGS: There’s not much to say about this card, so I won’t labour the point: this is a generic card of waiting. Whatever or whoever is on its way to you is shown by the card or combination following it. So while this card has a positive spin to it by itself, usually showing good news, you must interpret it in context: if it is followed by the Seven of Spades, it is not good news. Maybe it would appear as if it was good news, but it isn’t. 
     Most of the times this card is useful in at least a couple of ways. Firstly, especially when it falls toward the second half of the string, it clearly identifies the future* by telling us that what follows has not already happened but is something that is coming up next. 

    Secondly, it tells us what the querent expects. But expectations are theoretical, while the Three of Hearts is real, unless something in the spread tells us that what the querent expects is not going to happen. Without such affliction, it will happen. 

      I wrote “some anxiety” in the meanings, simply because the tradition links it to this card. But such anxiety is the natural tension of waiting, so don’t take it into account unless it is confirmed by other cards (e.g. Belvedere + Sighs, which would also prolong the waiting).

      Additional Considerations: the Belvedere is usually a rather quick card. However, as said, it heavily depends on the following cards. I once did a reading for a woman who had just had a violent argument with her boyfriend. The three cards where Disaster + Belvedere + Child Rx. The Seven of Spades is a card of break-up, but let’s not jump to conclusions: it is followed by the Three of Hearts, so it is not the last word. The Three of Hearts is projected into the Seven of Diamonds reversed, the card of indecision. So although there had been an argument (Disaster) nobody would do anything about it. They are still together -quite unhappily, if I may add.

GENERAL REVERSED MEANINGS: Despite changing polarity, from positive to negative, very little else changes in this card in the way of particular dynamics. It is still a card of waiting for something or somebody. In general, it shows delays or that something is not going to happen. This latter possibility is particularly valid when very disruptive cards follow it in the spread, such as Disaster or Death. 

      But one of its most interesting significations is as a warning to the querent that whatever is coming to him or her is not good, and should be kept at a distance. This can offer us the whole answer to some questions. “I met this new guy at work and WOW is he hot! What can I expect from him?” with Belvedere Rx + Great Lord (especially if he is reversed) “Not much, really. Stay away from him” “Why?”, with the Ten of Spades, the Soldier, after the Great Lord: “Because he is a violent dick”. 

      If the cards following Belvedere Rx are positive, it usually means just a delay. But consider the following combo: Great Consolation + Belvedere Rx. In this case the positive card comes before, and is therefore blocked by the Three of Hearts. Maybe this new project seems promising, but not much good will come from it. 

*positional spreads are not contemplated traditionally, and the Vera Sibilla is generally read either in strings or in a tableau or square.

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