Three of Diamonds Handmaid

3karoThree of Diamonds – Handmaid (Donna di Servizio) 

Polarity when Upright: Positive

Upright Meanings: A person at work, A subordinate, An employee, Evolution, Gift, Everything that is given to us in a positive sense, Improvement, Everything that is noble and worthy, Great value

Polarity when Reversed: Negative

Reversed Meanings: Cheapness, Everything that is taken away from us, The money we must give, Money going out, Worthless gossip, Little value, Slovenliness

GENERAL UPRIGHT MEANINGS: The Handmaid is a complex card, if for nothing else because it could represent a person, an event or a description, sometimes all of these, at different stages of interpretation. When it represents a person, this is usually not a family member, and is often somebody new in our life. Unless afflicted by evil cards, this person will be helpful. At times this card could represent the female querent in her role as an employee, so be careful not to write in unnecessary characters. A quirk: sometimes, near the Room, it represents the kitchen as a place.

     The Three of Diamonds is usually a welcome sight in most spreads concerning work and our work life. It usually heralds some kind of evolution for the better, and it can signify money coming in. It has the ability to enhance good situations, making them more valuable to us. So let’s say I’ve been unemployed for a while and want to know if the situation is going to get better. The cards I get are Melancholy + Present of Jewels Rx + Journey Rx + Handmaid + Constancy. In this case the bad luck is changed by the Present of Jewels Rx, which signifies all those difficult situations that start improving, a meaning that is enhanced by Journey Rx, which is slow progress. Handmaid means that I’m going to be an employee, and Constancy speaks of a fixed position. But the Handmaid is in harmony with the Present reversed, giving more value to it. It’s not a yes, it’s a „hell yes!“. And let’s say I’m tired of my position and I’m after a promotion: Handmaid + Doctor, an advancement in my career. 

GENERAL REVERSED MEANINGS: Most of the meanings of the upright card change to their opposite when it turns up reversed. Where we had great value, we now have only little value. For instance, Handmaid Rx + Present could be a worthless present. Little value could also be interpreted metaphorically, as a person of little value, someone unworthy of our esteem. This will not be the supervillain of a videogame, but rather more often a petty useless piece of humanity. 

     In the context of our work life, this card is dangerous, as it promises stagnation or, even worse, involution (especially if near the Madmen reversed). But it can also mean useless arguments between partners (e.g. Ace of Clubs + Handmaid Rx). As a rule, most of the combinations of the upright card become way more negative when the card is upside down.

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