King Of Spades Priest

kpikKING OF SPADES – Priest (Sacerdote)

The Priest only rarely means an actual Minister. It has a strong connection to law and the state. It can stand for an attorney or lawyer, a notary (especially Priest+Artist) or just an environment, such as a courtroom, a city hall and so on. When nothing in the spread suggests that such concepts are relevant, the Priest could cause some annoyance. In love issues it stands for coldness, it qualifies the querent or the partner as detached and aloof. In matters of career, if the querent is unemployed, he may remain so. But always look at the other cards: the Priest is not a hugely strong testimony. 

     Reversed, the Priest becomes a corrupted lawyer, or simply the judicial system working against the querent, or the law standing between the querent and what he wants (Priest Rx + Prison is often enough to have you sent down). It may also have a connection with violence, especially when near the Soldier or the Great Lord Rx, and even more if Disaster Rx is in the sequence.

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