August 7th 2017

The lunar eclipse on Monday August 7, 2017 is at 15° Aquarius. The Aquarius Full Moon on that first Monday of the month is also a lunar eclipse, an event that tends to reveal issues that must be resolved or absorbed into our consciousness in a new way. A lunar eclipse is an extra potent Full Moon that offers an opportunity to significantly shift reality. Aquarius is the last of the air (mental) signs, the group mind through which we are all connected and to which we all contribute, consciously or otherwise. This amplification of the air element can make us aware of how we’re using our minds, while supporting the clearing of old beliefs and thought patterns that diminish our light.

The Leo–Aquarius axis highlights the relationship between the individual and the collective, and how your unique ray of light contributes to the evolution of humanity. The Aquarius Full Moon trines Jupiter in Libra, amplifying the air-element gifts of objectivity and spaciousness, supporting you to gain a higher perspective on your path and vision for the future.

Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. With a lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. Moon trine Jupiter increases your chance of success, wealth and happiness. It encourages harmony in relationships and will soften the ruthless nature of your ambitions. Moon trine Jupiter also encourages a more moral and ethical approach.

The prominence of retrograde planets turns attention to the past as Uranus stationed retrograde on the 3rd of August. Events and people from our past may resurface, alerting us to the need for healing and completion to free up energy for future creations. This is a time for deep inner work in preparation for moving forward. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius recommends reviewing and rewriting the underlying beliefs and stories that structure our reality.

This eclipse is an opening to free our minds, to break through and see beyond the old perceptions that have limited our potential and kept us hiding out on the sidelines instead of shining our light. Sublimate your ego by letting go and trusting in a higher power. This exercise in self-improvement will transform your life for the better and have a positive effect on your loved ones.

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