VGC Ace of Hearts


Ace of Hearts – Conversation (Conversazione)

Polarity when Upright: Neutral
Upright Meanings: Words, Conversations, Information exchange, Negotiation, People living under the same roof

Polarity when Reversed: Neutral to Negative
Reversed Meanings: Revolution, Instability, Destabilization, Arguments, Lack of communication

UPRIGHT MEANINGS: In the main, this is the card of words. How words are going to play a role in the querent’s life will be specified by the cards surrounding Conversation. It is an extremely passive card, being always colored by the surrounding cards. Theoretically you could say that, by itself, it is mildly positive, but cards are never read by themselves.

Be careful: in almost all playing card traditions the Ace of Hearts is a positive card whose primary meaning is “home, house”. This is NOT the case with Conversation. Only when near certain cards, such as the House, it can point to a certain kind of building, usually one that is connected to the querent’s everyday life. Or, it can point to the house understood as hearth.

It is also all in all very easy to understand: depending on context and the neighbouring cards it can become a job interview (e.g. Conversation + Merchant), a love declaration (Conversation+Love, and or Faithfulness), a long distance communication (Conversation+Belvedere) and so on.

On occasion it can point to the people living under the querent’s (or another person’s) roof, or who are very close to him. This, however, is usually clearly specified by the other cards (e.g. Conversation+Merriment often indicates a party). Sometimes the card or sequence preceding Conversation can tell us the origin of the conversation, while the card following it tell us the outcome.

But take this with a bucketful of salt: in many contexts, Love + Conversation = Conversation + Love. Technically, the first tells us that my loving Annie leads me to express my feelings to her, while the second shows that the conversation I have with her is about my loving her, but in many cases, as in this one, the difference is trivial.

However, if the combo is, for instance, Conversation + Disaster, this is usually not “talking about disasters”, as much as “a conversation that turns out badly”. The other way around (i.e. Disaster + Conversation) can mean the same thing, but depending on context it could show negotiations following some kind of disruption: in such case, Disaster is not the outcome of, but the reason behind the conversation.

Conversation + Fortuna is the combination of lucky words, i.e. it shows that the querent’s issue will be solved by words. Another good combo, for instance if you need to make up with a friend or a loved one, is Conversation + Sighs Rx (hopefully followed by something like Gathering). Conversation + Great Consolation Rx may show an insult.

REVERSED GENERAL MEANING: The main point to remember about Conversation reversed is that it announces big changes, for either better or ill. It does not say, however, if such changes will be sudden or gradual. Again, in this instance it remains generally neutral, but do learn to be suspicious when it comes up.

Example: two people are living the romance of the century*, and Conversation Rx turns up, followed by Love. In itself, this is not a bad combo: changes about Love. But this is the card of revolution, the earthquake that changes everything. In this case the indication given by the cards is very bad: if they are already in paradise, how better could it get? Not much, so the relationship is gonna fall apart. On the other hand, if a girl constantly attracts the wrong men, the reversed Ace of Hearts promises something better. We need to use our brain when reading cards.

Additionally, this is the card of arguments and of lack of communication. This is especially true when it shows up between two Court Cards. But lack of communication can also refer to a message that does not arrive. This is especially important when we are waiting for news after a job interview: you won’t hear much, or you’ll have to push for it. Depending on the surrounding cards, however, it could mean that when they get back in touch with you, everything will change, which is usually a good thing for the unemployed.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy card to describe in general, as the context not only of the question, but also of what the cards want to tell us, must be taken into careful consideration. Generally speaking, this card completely upsets the status quo, and as a rule you won’t get it wrong by interpreting it as change, unless it falls between two significators.

Sometimes the change, however, is less threatening: Conversation Rx + House could be moving to a new house, or even a radical refurbishment of the one where you live.

Notice that the Ace of Hearts reversed is, in a sense, the opposite of the Ace of Spades reversed, in that Conversation gives change, Sorrow gives cycles and repetition. If the Ace of Spades falls after that of Hearts, the change will only be momentary or apparent: the same cycle will keep going on.

* Note: that they are living the romance of the century is told by the cards, not by the love-struck querent.

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