General Kipper Card combinations

General combinations

Now we enter the exciting field of combinations. We combine the key concepts of the cards with each other. Here, we have to learn to „think about the corner“, but we will master this with a bit of practice and smile a lot.

The combination of e.g. No. 1 – male principal with No. 21 – living room tells us first of all that the statements have something to do with the person of the questioner or the man of the heart of the questionnaire and the home of the questioner. We thus recognize the connected person – apartment. More actually not yet.

Let us now take a third map which is connected with these two by the map, e.g. No. 24 – Theft, the statement becomes more differentiated. So we now have person – apartment – theft / loss.
It may be that this person soon suffers a (financial?) Loss. Or is she stolen? Or does she lose her apartment? Or is she deceived and in the closest family circle?

In this small example, I would like to point out to you that, in my opinion, it does not make much sense to memorize combinations of two. Yes, even 3 ‘s combinations, torn from the map connection, do not bring much or only a very strong confinement of our intuition.

Since this refers to the combinations of all card decks and I think the topic is important, I am again adding a corresponding text from the skat card course.

„As you can easily see, there are still several possibilities at the top of the above-mentioned combination of three, so the whole picture (including the occupancy of the house occupations, which I will go into later on) And each attempt to remove a few words = combinations from this entire story is doomed to failure, so we can confidently forget the stubborn practice of combinations.
A combination meaning can only always be an offer. Often, however, books and seminar papers are used to print 1 or 2 keywords behind 2 – part combinations. And then you learn these 2 terms and think the two cards mean this …… and nothing else ……, which is a waste of possible clues.
It is not possible to write down all variants, because they are uncountable, since we always go out from the client and his concerns. We look at the map through his eyes. For a different one the exact same arrangement of the maps would give a completely different interpretation, because no two people are equal and have not the same problem.
For the person A, we may interpret everything from the point of view of a marriage crisis, for person B under the situation of a necessary work change, for person C from the aspect of an impending operation. We always pick up the client where he stands and lead us to our intuition to the right answers. However, only if we allow this and do not constrict ourselves through combination vocabulary.
On the other hand, any combination of meaning always represents the intuition of the author. How important it is to get an access to the cards, I have already mentioned. So it comes to their approach to the cards. Interpretations of others can only serve as an ass bridge, as an aid, an impulse. They should by no means be regarded as the sole truth and complete exploration of the possibilities.
It is important to capture the possibility of interpreting the maps. For this purpose one can well regard combinations. However, one should then ask them not to memorize the statement stubbornly, but to research the why. What is the meaning of the statement, how in this example were the key definitions of the individual statements linked together? And then, what possible interpretations do I have in mind?
It would be an absolute master-thought, then, to explore by which further maps this variant of the interpretation could be under- stood as the valid one. If you do this, you save yourself a lot of hours of stubborn and discouraging memorabilia, but work on their understanding of the map and expand their intuition. A much more useful and meaningful time-use, as I find. „

Special to the combinations with the personal cards

In the combinations with the personal cards, the viewing direction of the depicted person and the position (before-back-over-under) of the adjacent card play a decisive role.
Kipperkarten Kartenlegen (Google translate!)


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