Kipper Card #36

36.pngThe kipper card The hope, great water is the tipper card of dreams, illusions and great hopes. It also stands for illusions and the course of destiny, which has prepared another way for us.

Although hope sounds very positive at first, optimism and hope are indeed a positive thing, so this map mostly shows illusions. Like the last Lenormand card Cross, the hope of the tipper cards is lonely as the last card in the entire fortune telling sheet. Thus, hope also has the quality of destiny and the goal of life.

If we are involved in unimportant goals or foreign objectives, e.g. If we sacrifice ourselves for a project of which we ourselves have nothing at all, then warns us of the hope card. The questioner may have broken a path or hope for a different course of destiny. The good news is that fulfilling the wish will not really make you happy. Everything that does not correspond to our true life and which we emulate, does not make us happy in the long run. Even if we achieve this goal, we will feel a deep dissatisfaction and desire something quite different.

In the tarot, this tipper card would most likely correspond to sieves of the cups. Only the great luck as an adjacent map is to be seen as an indication that an actually unrealistic hope could come true. The chance may not be great, but in this case, it actually exists.

Often, this card is next to a person’s card, which is often very devoted to their dreams, perhaps even naive.

Particularly desperate are many questions when the hope and the great water lies next to the person card of the longed heart partner. Sometimes it is simply an illusion and basically one also knows that the partner does not fit into one and one with him will not be happy. However, this statement of the tipper cards is difficult to digest.

In addition to the wrong person, hope is not a good sign, there is probably a wrong friend or a friend who only uses the questioner emotionally or materially. It is particularly complicated, even if the soul partner is on the other side – so the tipper cards – meaning would be quite clear.

In addition to the change or travel, the map can be interpreted as a warning. Although a change leads to a change of location, in this case it is completely unclear whether this decision also solves the original problem, which one wants to avoid by running away.

When the hope comes to lie over the head of the questioner, it is a man who has many dreams in his head, and completely eliminates realistic thinking. If, on the other hand, there is a strong and accurate intuition, this can be successfully compensated for. Most people do better, however, if the hope and the great water lie at the feet of the person (under the main person), then there is quite a lot of realism and a high self-reflection in the questioner or person.

Kipperkarte Hoffnung

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