Kipper Card #35

35A long way in the kipper cards symbolizes a longer period of time, often in connection with a longed for goal. It just takes a bit longer than hoped, but can be achieved if there are no negative other tipper card next to it.

The long way is initially sobering to the questioner, especially when it is longing for a quick success. In the long run, it should not be forgotten that at the end of the journey, however long, the goal should be achieved if the questioner himself does not take a different direction.

So, if it is to be fast, the questioner must approach the goal with more commitment and initiative. This option is always open.

In general, the tipper card is a long way for patience, longer waiting and a longer period (months or years).

However, the long way may also refer to the past, e.g. When this card comes to the left of the questioner. Often the tipper card next to too high honors is to the left of the questioner, e.g. If he has successfully completed a long project or a year of training.

If the long way is above the head of the questioner (the main person), the person is just in the middle of the development process with respect to a goal. The goal is then also clearly aware and the attention is strongly directed at it. If this attitude is not accompanied by too many worried thoughts is a very positive sign, the questioner knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

This tipper card is particularly exciting when it comes to a partnership wish. If the question is, how long does it still take? ‘, The answer here can only be: longer than you want. This is particularly true if the long path lies next to the main person of the longed-for heart partner, with whom the questioning wants to have a common future. The same situation occurs when, e.g. To the return of the partner. The other environmental maps tell us for what reasons the relationship can not take place. Perhaps the partner was injured or is just working in an unsafe life situation and can not simply openly open up for a partnership?

The desired promotion or salary increase is e.g. Still slightly longer in the room when this tipper card is adjacent.

Kipperkarte Ein langer Weg

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