Kipper Card #34

34.pngThis kipper card work and employment is often a symbol of the profession or business aspects. It is about regular activities and actions we have to implement. Another important aspect of this tipper card is the physical movement, activities that have to do with muscle power.

In their assessment, work and employment are rather neutral. It is not meant with this map that still much work has to be used for a goal. For this symbolism there is the tipper card a long way.

In the vicinity of the interrogator, this card shows that the main person has to deal intensively with professional matters. Money is not necessarily in the foreground, but the activity to be performed is quite. Frequently, things which we have exercised in the past are still working to the present. In this case, the tipper card is to the left of the master of the questioner. If the card is designed directly to the right or some cards, this is an indication of a future important role that has to do with the profession or activity of the interviewee.

Otherwise, the combinations with work and employment can be interpreted very well and simply. In addition to high honors, it is about a promotion or a more responsible position, e.g. As head of department or managing director.

In addition to the court there will be a decision in the professional situation, whether positive or negative show us the environment maps.

When traveling next to work, it is often a business trip. If the change in combination is perhaps a complete change of position or a new job offer, this applies in particular to the combination with the death. Something old (the current job) has to be buried so that something new (the new job) can be entered.

Kipperkarte Arbeit, Beschäftigung

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