Kipper Card #33

33Negative intentions, plans or beliefs play a role in this kipper card. Occasionally, decisions are made on the basis of an incorrect factual situation.

It is therefore about thoughts which either have a negative intention in them or about patterns of thought, which carry false information (hazy = unclear) in themselves and burden the questioner. This ambiguous tipper card is always related to a person, which is why the card combination is crucial for the card interpretation.

Near the main person, this card indicates that negative thoughts plague the questioner. Either he thinks about a decision to the detriment of another person or to his own disadvantage. If the wrong person is next to it, it is often the lies and untruths that are told to the main person. With this interpretation and possibility the questioner should be able to make friends, even if this is the best friend or friend.

In connection with the partner’s principal, divisive intentions may play a role. Can these negative thoughts be resolved? Here, a clarifying discussion would be helpful in which each partner explains his point of view and clarifies what he hopes for from the relationship.

In addition to work and employment, professional issues also play a role. Perhaps the questioner is under great pressure or he is thinking about changing the company, e.g. Because colleagues or bosses are bullying him.

When it comes to decisions that turn out to be unfavorable in retrospect, the court is often combined with gloom thoughts, often with other negative maps, such as, e.g. Affliction or affliction or death. In this case, it is helpful to think about the misguided reasoning behind this decision and how to make a better decision. Often, it makes sense to make a decision to sleep again one night.

Kipperkarte Trübe Gedanken

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