Kipper Card #32

32The Kipper card Grief and adversities is a map of the worries and difficulties. Any matters do not run as he or she has planned. This can be both a questionnaire and a person from his or her circle of friends and acquaintances.

We see a man in his kitchen, who is desperate to hold his head. He runs nervously in the kitchen and seems desperate. Does he have money? Did his wife run away? Does he have no wood for his stove?

Also with this tipper card the positioning over the head of the questioner (main person I or II) shows acute concerns. If the card is to the left of the questioner, the grief has already been used in the past. There are griefs and adversities to the right of the main person, the problems will still be expected in the future. This card is a long way away from the questioner, but it has less to do with the current life situation.

In case of difficulties in the partnership, we find this tipper card next to the main person of the partner of the questioner. This is about concerns and differences that also affect the partnership.

In addition to work and employment, there are sorrows and troubles when challenges and additional stress within the profession are threatened. Here, the directly adjacent tipper card symbolizes unwanted money that hoped for money is not easy to get.

In addition to another person’s card, e.g. Good lady, this card expresses that an elderly lady from the social environment of the main person will suffer problems and worries. This can be a relative like your own mother but also an older woman from the circle of acquaintances. At the tipper card house, there will be anger or worries within the closest family or friends circle.

Negative cards, e.g. The death, theft, or sad news provide the subject of grief and repentance.

Good luck shows that there may be short-term problems, but these will not come so far to bear by a fortunate circumstance.

Kipperkarte Kummer und Widerwärtigkeiten

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