Kipper Card #31

31The kipper card Short illness is a card of energylessness and defeat. This can be caused by mental or physical stress. The exact cause of the short illness is evident from the neighborhood maps.

In contrast to the illness in the gypsy maps, this is a weak phase of short duration, unless the long way is next to it.

To the right of the person’s card, the short illness is still in the future, to the left the tipper card refers to past weaknesses. Acute difficulties often lie directly above the head of the main person I or II.

But the disease can also refer to objects. The tipper card A trip may be e.g. Also refer to your own car (horse-drawn carriage). A small repair of the vehicle is indicated here. Also in connection with the theft-tipper card can be symbolized a material loss, which only causes short-term grief.

In the partnership small crises or disputes can be expressed by the short illness beside the main person of the partner comes to lie. However, this debate will not seriously jeopardize the partnership.

Good luck is an indication that the weakness is soon over and will not play a big role in the life of the questioner.

Financial illnesses are also often seen through the combination of short illness and much money or unpredictable money displayed. Often, this card combination occurs in unexpected payments or invoices. However, this unfavorable financial situation will also be short-lived.

A negative effect of longer duration expresses itself in the combination with the prison. Blockages and standstill are triggered by a mental or physical defeat. The questioner, or another person in the area of ​​the questioner, is braked here for a while and prevented from making the best decisions.

Kipperkarte Kurze Krankheit

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