Kipper Card #30

30In the case of the kipper card, the court is often concerned with disputes and disputes. Depending on the question, administrative issues can also be indicated.

In their quality, the courtesy of the tipper cards is very close to the annoyance of the gypsy cards and the rods of the Lenormand cards. A woman visits a court official who writes her request. In the right side of the picture you can see a guard. The matter is thus given an official character. Perhaps the young woman would like to make a complaint and rely on legislation. It is not entirely clear in which thematic context the woman and the court of justice come together here and what is actually the issue. In contrast to the court, which is concerned with decisions, the accusation and dispute is the focus of this tipper card.

What it is about and with whom is disputed can be read from the neighborhood maps. Immediately to the right of the main person, it is about future disputes and noise, to the left of it the dispute has already taken place and still continues to the present. If this card under the main person comes to lie lies the topic is already largely completed, over the head is the matter highly and the questioner thinks much about the dispute and is still annoyed.

Unfavorable is e.g. This tipper card next to the other principal person who represents the permanent partner of the main person. The same applies to the Ehestandskarte. Differences and disputes between partners are interpreted here. Also next to the house the card often comes to love, especially when it comes to noise within the family. Beside the living room, the dispute penetrates deep into the privacy of the interrogator, e.g. When struggling with friends or when private life is affected.

Positive cards, e.g. Good output in love and, of course, great happiness promise a speedy dissolution of the disputes.

If the long way to the court of justice comes to the lie will the disputes still a while.

Kipperkarte Gerichtsperson

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