Kipper Card #29

29The tipper card prison is a card of the obstacles and blockages. The card may also refer to a standstill or delays of a hoped-for event. The actual quality of this card is expressed in the tipper card combinations of the surrounding maps.

In the case of the Lenormand cards, this tipper card corresponds most closely to the quality of the tower. The tower isolates the indwelling from the outside world, both socially and mentally. It can also be an intellectual prison at the prison.

In the picture of the tipper cards we see a prison wall, and an armed soldier is holding a guard against it. In the background the prison building. Barbed wire and bars prevent an outbreak. Anyone who is in prison is incapacitated and is stuck in his life situation.

Here, too, we can conclude that the right-wing prison is to be taken seriously by the main person, since this is about possible future blockages and obstacles. Directly above the main person, mental and mental blockages are often involved, e.g. Uncertainties about a change bgzl. Partnership, occupation or self-realization.

If the questionnaire is located next to the main person of the heart partner, this is an indication of a stumbling or obstacle within a developing partnership. In particular, the question of the personal situation of the interviewee is important. Sometimes this card combination also symbolizes an old partnership, to which the heart partner is still energetically, karmisch strongly bound or entangled.

In addition to the court or court, the prison interprets a negative judgment or a decision unfavorable to the questioner, often by an authority or court.

Also in connection with unhappy money or gain a lot of money is the prison of the tipper cards not necessarily positive. Frequently, the price for an avoidably improved financial situation of the questioner often manifests itself. This may be e.g. An unpleasant professional and demanding situation or serious contractual bond of the main person.

Kipperkarte Gefängnis

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