Kipper Card #28

28The kipper card expectation stands for the hope of desired events as well as for some patience.

In the vicinity of the personal card, in particular directly above this card, the questioner is making special hopes and is awaiting the arrival of a hoped-for situation.

The card is for a bit of patience and time that the expectation still needs, but in the end always a decision. In most cases, the expected and hoped-for event actually takes place. Only in the case of particularly negative maps, e.g. The death or grief and adversity are an indication of an unsatisfactory end result.

This tipper card often appears when a person is waiting for a partnership fulfillment. Maybe they are waiting for a love affair or a firm relationship with a person whom they have closed in their heart. In this case, the expectation means that it may take a few weeks or months, but in the end there is actually a realistic hope. The many small coincidences and side events which ultimately lead to the hoped-for goal must simply take place. Perhaps the dream partner must also process and make a few things in his life, e.g. Negative experiences and contrasts from an old relationship.

In addition to the expectation, the tipper card would be unfavorable A long way or hope. The hope would be more negative in this case, since this map is also an indication of unrealistic hopes and desires. The long journey would be more positive, as it will take months or even weeks, but in the end it is almost certain that the wishful wish is longed for. Of course, the tipper card Good output in love with partnership questions also provides a good omen for a happy ending.

If there are giddy thoughts next to the expectation, the patience will not only take some time but will also be associated with unpleasant feelings. The questioner should then be able to adjust internally.

Among other people’s cards, e.g. Rich gentleman or good lady, the expectation often refers to a desired action or purpose that the questioner asks of this person.

Kipperkarte Erwartung

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