Kipper Card #27

27The kipper card Unexpected money indicates a gratifying amount of money, new contracts or financial opportunities. This offer is usually positive for the questioner.

In their quality, this tipper card partly corresponds to the rings in Lenormand and some money with the gypsy cards. Thus, a significant aspect of this tipper card is unpayed money of the contract or agreements.

If this tipper card is left of the main person, the card refers to past contracts or financial benefits, whereas the right is about a future money saver. If the questionnaire is thinking about a specific contract, the card is directly above the person’s questionnaire.

Even if this card does not have the same quality as the Ehestandskarte, it expresses a stronger binding next to the person card of the heart partner who wants to enter into the question with the questioner. Agreements and agreements are made, perhaps even a declaration of love.

This tipper card also frequently appears with the pleasant letter, here it is a pending message, e.g. A written offer, a new order or the granting of a bank loan. In the process of placing the card, the questioner may perhaps give an indication of his life, which happy twist he can just imagine in his life situation. Presumably it will be precisely this.

In addition to death, a surprising inheritance is not necessarily meant. Death has the significance of transformation and change. It provides a hint together with unpredictable money that a contract or an improved financial situation is related to the end or completion of a matter. This may e.g. A job change in connection with a new offer or even (less favorably) the end of a relationship. In the case of a relationship, there will also be partnership cards in the area and the questioner can be sure that he will not stay alone for a long time.

The tipper card Great luck here is a pleasing reinforcement of the positive statement. The money or contract will appear suddenly and unexpectedly, perhaps also because of the concatenation of very happy circumstances.

Kipperkarte Unverhofftes Geld

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