Kipper Card #26

26The kipper card Great luck is a positive card in terms of happiness, success and joy. The Roman Fortune Goddess Fortuna pours out her well-filled cornucopia.

This tipper card is very enjoyable, because it not only shows great luck, but is able to mitigate negative maps in the environment and make positive maps even better.

In the case of the gypsies, this map would correspond to luck, and here Fortuna is represented with its cornucopia. Fortuna corresponds to the Greek mythology of Tyche, a daughter of Zeus and in Germanic mysticism to salvation. Fortuna has in her cornucopia not only happiness, but also misfortune, which, without regard to the person equally, it pours out on the people. However, only the positive coincidences and events are meant in the tipper cards.

Directly next to the main person of the questioner, this tipper card shows immediate and rapidly occurring happiness. If the map is farther away, the luck lasts for a while. Here, too, the card refers to past moments of happiness, to the left of the main person, to the right it indicates future happiness and positive events.

This card is very pleasant for those who are longing for a partnership. Often this card is next to the main person of the heart partner. In this context, the Ehestandskarte is often found next to great happiness – a clear indication of a fulfilled, happy and harmonious partnership.

Also with financial questions, especially if a lot of money or unintended money is adjacent, this card means a happy twist. This is also true if the investor is concerned about insolvency or hopes for a loan. In this case, Fortuna provided a favorable turn for the person seeking advice.

Among other people’s cards, e.g. Good lady or rich, good lord, the tipper card is great luck, an indication that the happy twist is related to the person associated with the card respectively.

Kipperkarte Großes Glück

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