Kipper Card #25

25.pngTo get high honors is a kipper card of safety, recognition and successful achievement of goals. There may also be education, knowledge and stable living conditions in relation to this tipper card.

This tipper card is unique in its meaning and form of expression and therefore can not be found in its direct correspondence with the gypsy cards or the Lenormand cards.

In the background on the wooded hill we see a magnificent castle, a symbol of domination, power and authority. In the foreground we can see a simple wooden hut. Too high honors are expressing a process, e.g. An invitation of the resident of the hut to the sublime castle, e.g. By a nobleman. Or imagine a simple girl who lived in this hut and got a marriage application from the son of the owner of the castle, and so she would rise socially. The interpretative possibilities of the picture are quite diverse, but the development is very positive.

First and foremost, this is about recognition. Decisions have been made in the past, which will lead to a high honor for the questioner or will be successful in a matter. This process can take place both quickly and suddenly or else gradually and gradually. The closer this card is to the person card, the faster it will happen. Here as well, left-hand cards press past honors or successes out and right-wing future ones.

In love, we find this tipper card often next to the Ehestandskarte when a marriage application or a new firm partnership are imminent. The map also points to stability and reliability within the partnership.

In addition to the court, a decision will be made in connection with the questioner in which he gets the right or the situation will be in his favor.

Besides the meeting, it is also about public recognition, e.g. A successful completion of a vocational or university education. Also the election in a public office can be expressed by this card.

Due to the various possibilities of interpretation of this map, it is also advantageous to include the current goals and hopes of the expert in the map interpretation of this tipper card.

Kipperkarte zu hohen Ehren kommen

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