Kipper Card #23

23The kipper card court characterizes in its importance the decision between several alternatives. Either the questioner makes the decision himself or others decide about a situation. Whether the decision will be fateful, just and meaningful will be evident from the map context of the tipper card combinations. From the environmental maps we also learn whether the decision is already made or is still open.

In Lenormand, the tipper card corresponds to the way of the gypsy cards to the judge. Despite the different quality of the respective fortune decay, the decision-making aspect is the main characteristic of this tipper card. With the tarot card of the great Arkana dish, this card does not have many symbolic similarities. The court in the Tarot is about a wake-up process and about new awareness, less about the issue of decisions.

If the card is over the main person of the questioner, the advice is already in the middle of the decision-making process. To the right of the main person is concerned about future decisions, on the left the decision has already been made or the circumstances are already established, which led to the necessity of an election.

Sometimes a court hearing or an official hearing is symbolized, in which case the prison or the court is not far away.

In the case of business matters, the money cards are unpredictable money or a lot of money are won by the court. Here, a customer or an employer has often not yet decided whether an order or a salary increase will be realized in favor of the employee. If the questioner hopes for a credit, this tipper card combination expresses whether, for example, A bridging loan is granted by a bank. The tipper card great luck is here as a positive tendency to become, the credit or the salary increase will be granted with high probability. Good rich gentleman or good lady are likewise in this combination positively.

For questions of love, the court card is often beside the principal person of a future or present partner. However, other types of people, e.g. The officer or good rich gentleman often lie beside it, often when a woman has to decide between several possible partners.

Negative environmental maps, e.g. Death, one-long-away, or grief and adversity point to the danger that the decision is negative. The decision is generally good when positive cards are adjacent, e.g. Great luck, gift get or good output in love.

Kipperkarte – Gericht

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