Kipper Card #22

22.pngThe kipper card military person represents a younger man in a solid social environment. It is also about values, stability and adaptability that characterize this young man.

This card corresponds to the officer of the gypsy cards. It may also be a respectable person from an office or an authority. In many cases the kipper card military person is a possible male candidate for a female female who is single.

In this case it is not necessarily the soul partner of the questioner, but it is a candidate with a good character and down-to-earth values. This meaning is usually the result of a questionnaire. Is not itself in a firm partnership and several solitary men in their environment have an eye on them. Whether or not the relationship between the young man and the relationship between the young man and the young man is still present in the hand of the questioner. The tipper card merely wants to draw attention to the young man, who could direct fate into a favorable direction and happy partnership.

This interpretation of an applicant is quite clear in combination with the 1st principal of the tipper cards.

With a female questionnaire, this card is often directly above the head of the person’s card when a young man as a possible partner has narrowly selected. In conjunction with the court – the tipper card of decisions and consideration – the decision on a possible joint partnership is still open and outstanding. Also the change card is a reference to a possible future with this young man.

In connection with the house, this map suggests a young man from the family who has good and firm values. This may be e.g. Also a brother, uncle or a nephew – a young man who can exert a favorable influence in the life of the questioner.

Apart from grief and adversity, this is a younger man in a stable environment, but there will be disputes and disagreements with him, which may be cautiously indicated here.

Kipperkarte Militärperson

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