Kipper Card #21

21The card represents cuddly and cozy aspects. This kipper card is therefore a positive card which also pulls negative voltage out of the environment.

The living room is our retreat. Here we relax, read newspaper, watch movies or the news and reward us with a hot cup of tea after a busy day. The bedroom may have a similar quality, but we are not aware of it for most of the time and can not be mentally creative. We are awake in this space, conscious and put us in a pleasant atmosphere. We do this either alone and together with our loved ones who live with us.

This is our closest intimate and well-loved area. Our closest circle of friends, our most desirable goals and all that makes life life-worth and happy.

If this card lies directly next to the main person of the questioner, the questioner experiences a phase of rest and relaxation. Avoidable worries and anxious thoughts are simply not so important in this card combination of the tipper cards for the moment. The outer and inner world is in harmony and balance. If a questioner is in a stressful life phase, one finds the tipper card living room often above his head. He just wants a more comfortable and stress-free life situation, would like to relax and the ballast on his shoulders just weighs a while.

Also for love the living room has a positive quality in the card meaning. Near the person’s partner’s card, the other principal, she shows that you can relax together with your heart partner soon and spend a lot of time together in a familiar atmosphere. One gets closer and experiences a lot of undisturbed time together.

If negative tipper cards, e.g. Sad news or grief and hardship lie next to the living room, this area of ​​relaxation is agitated by external circumstances and filled with unrest. In doing so, the tipper cards advise us to protect this innermost area for us and to gain space again. The living room is not just a private living area, it is a treasured island of peace and tranquility. The questioner is doing well to keep this private retreat and insist that his living room can continue to be his favorite place where he can relax and recharge.

Kipperkarte Wohnzimmer


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