Kipper Card #20

20.pngThe tipper card house is about aspects of your own comfort zone as well as about family aspects and stability.

The house also represents our emotional roots. Our family characterizes our house and our own self-awareness with a very special spirit. We take our values, goals and beliefs first from our parents and our family. But we also have an influence on our family.

The fortune map of the house is also available in the Lenormand and Gypsy maps. It is related to the aspects and persons that influence us in the private sphere. We can not run away so easily from these influences. Whether the house is about people of our family or about our mental home we read from the environment maps. It is an area to which we are emotionally bound and can be psychologically grounded.

Although our house offers stability and security, it also limits our mobility. Security is always at the expense of flexibility, but we can sometimes control it here. A property is im-mobile, immovable. Sometimes the house expresses the same way that we are too immobile in a way of looking at things or our point of view, and we need something more flexibility to develop. It also depends on the issue and the life situation as this tipper card house is to be interpreted.

In connection with the person card of the partner the house shows us a very stable and reliable partnership.

Above the head of the person’s card is much thought about the domestic situation or about your own beliefs. Often it is also about responsibility towards our loved ones.

In connection with the meeting card a family meeting is indicated.

In addition to work and employment, the tipper cards often indicate a possibility of working from home.

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