Kipper Card #19

19.pngIn the case of death in the kipper cards, it is less a physical death than separation, farewell or a painful loss. Often this card also means a change in another life situation in which the old accustomed circumstances have to be abandoned in favor of the new ones.

More details on death, coffin or death in the fortune cards can be found here:
Death in tarot and other fortune cards.

The death cards of all fortune cards always bear the aspect of transformation. It is not just about a painful farewell, but also about the creation of a new situation. The Tarot Card No. 13 of the great Arkana shows the hope of a sun rising in the background. Death on the Gypsy Card carries a small light. The coffin on the tipper card death is standing in front of a seven-armed candlestick. Here the soul of the dead can pass. The term „coffin“ means body-eating. The coffin eats the mortal remains of the body so that the energy of the creative power and the divine spark can be released again and manifested itself again. We know of a similar symbolism from the destruction of the pope’s fishing ring, in which the papal power is released and passed to the cardinals, who can then choose a new pope again.

In the case of a death card, therefore, it is always necessary to keep the back of the head, so that a new and better situation is possible, which might be better suited to one’s own life plan.

From the map combinations, we learn what farewell and what change are indicated by this map. In addition to the partner’s personal card, this card indicates a possible separation. This does not have to be related to the whole partnership, but changes can occur here. Both partners should speak urgently and clean up the situation as soon as possible.

If the death card is placed over the head of another person’s card, the person particularly thinks of a separation or loss. Perhaps the positive aspects have not yet become aware of her.

As a daily card, death is a warning. Even if there is no death, an accident could occur or an undesirable situation. The fate is not censured, however, and misfortune can be avoided with some caution.

Kipperkarte Ein Todesfall

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