Kipper Card #18

18.pngA small child in the kipper cards can be the person card for a child. However, in many cases it is news or new aspects in the life of the questioner.

A small child rides on a booted stork. In her hand the child holds her doll. A truly fabulous scene.

The child is dependent on the stork in this representation. It is not yet on its own feet, so the stork must bear the responsibility and it is he who has the boots on. The stork is also the symbol of change and arrival. The storks bring the children in the stories and they lay back long stretches. Thus, this card is often the symbol of pregnancy.

This tipper card has a wide range of interpretations and is strongly dependent on the questioning and the life situation of the questioner. The most important symbolically indicated aspects is both the child as a person card and the novelty. In addition to the pleasant letter or the journey, the surprise will probably play a part. In the case of a pregnant woman’s wish, this card is frequently associated with the change. Mothers with an adult daughter (rich girl) often experience a small child by the adjacent tipper card that they will soon become grandma.

Frequently, the small child lies directly above the head of the person’s card. In this case, they worry or often think about their child. The role of the child is also related to proximity to the main person.

If this card is next to another person’s card (military person, good lady, good gentleman), the news or new situation is the focus. This is then frequently related to the person of the card, e.g. When a relative or a good friend goes into retirement and his life changes gravely.

In some cases, this tipper card can be a small child also an indication of naivete at the questioner. A child often does not know what it is and does not recognize dangers. This depends on the overall mood of the map sheet. Often the combination of hope, wrong person and child occurs when the questioner or the questioner has entered into a relationship with someone who pursues false intentions. In this combination, the child usually expresses the naivete and blue-eyedness of the questioner.

Kipperkarte Ein kleines Kind

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