Kipper Card #17

17.pngThis joyful and positive kipper card is about happy feelings and small surprises. This can be a physical gift or a particularly happy situation.

A little girl looks enthusiastically at her new aquarium. How much she wanted a couple of her own fish, which she can love and spoil. But in the background, a little boy with a flower is waiting for her, probably to give her his affection.

The tipper card gift is equivalent in its importance to the Lenormand card and gypsy card gift. This is not only about gifts, but also particularly pleasing events. In the Kipperkarte, on the other hand, we see a particularly touching motif, since here also interpersonal and romantic feelings are suggested. In addition, children are often much more than adults, who have already seen a lot of things in life and who can not get so excited about small things. It is therefore a feeling of happiness, which has a very special quality for the recipient.

Also in the meaning of this tipper card the position and distance to the main person is of great importance. A nearby card is a reference to the current meaning of the gift. However, if this card is further removed, the gift will only come to us in the distant future (right-hand side) or has already provided for joy in the past (lying to the left).

Often this card is next to the partner’s main partner or another important person card. In addition to winning a lot of money or great luck, it is not just a small matter, but a major financial recognition or a very good trade.

If the woman is a woman who wants a child, the combination gift and the small child express a very probable pregnancy.

If a negative card, such as death, gloom, or grief, is received next to the gift, the positive tipper card considerably reduces the negative meaning of the other cards.

Kipperkarte Geschenk bekommen

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