Kipper Card #16

16.pngAt the Kipperkarten His thoughts are about the thoughts, plans and hopes of a mostly male person. This person should be known to the questioner.

On this map, a bearded man with a coat and a cylinder is often depicted in a living room. He looks thoughtful and not really dressed like someone in his apartment. The man wants to leave the apartment. This kipper card is therefore also about departure, intentions, new actions and plans. In addition to a female card, these thoughts will also refer to a female person. This card underlines the firm intention of a person. Fortune cards like the tipper cards can express thoughts and feelings of people particularly well since these are permanently present and affect the reality.

If this card is located directly next to the main person, it is about the thoughts of the questioner. This card reinforces the symbolic expression of being very intensely thoughtful. Most of the time, the subject is above the main person. The same aspect applies to the dump card principal, which is assigned to the partner.

In the event that the card comes to the left of the questioner, aspects and thoughts as well as reflections of the past are symbolized. For maps on the right, the thoughts refer to future considerations which will occupy much space.

If this card is next to another person’s card, the thoughts will refer to that person. The thoughts of this person will also have certain meanings for the life of the questioner. Besides the good rich gentleman, for example, The supervisor or chief is symbolizing his thinking about giving the questioner a salary increase.

The thoughts are neutral here. For negative thoughts, there is the card gloomy thoughts, in His thoughts are rather neutral reflections and plans or intentions. If, however, particularly negative intentions are symbolized, negative maps will be present in the environment, e.g. Death, jail, or grief and adversity.

Kipperkarte Seine Gedanken

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