Kipper Card #15

15.pngIn the kipper card Good exit in love we recognize two birds, who happily give themselves to their love. A very positive card for all those who wish to pursue firm commitment and want to know how it will go on in love.

Two birds bite together on a wall in front of a hedge. In front of it lies a doggie and watches both. The love affair does not remain unobserved, neither of the two is concerned about it. This picture gives above all hope to those who are in a triangle relationship or have to keep their love secret. Better one could hardly express this beautiful situation. In the near future, the painful hide-and-seek has an end and each of the partners can and will openly and freely confess to his love.

In addition to the main meaning of love, this kipper card can also be a firm friendships or other bindings. In most cases, however, this card is a symbol of love and togetherness.

This card is particularly positive when it is located between the person cards of a couple, or in the future position, to the right of the person card. Over the head of the main person, this tipper card is an indication that she is thinking about a partnership. Under her feet, on the other hand, the person does not make so many thoughts about love and partnership.

In addition to the wrong person, another person interferes in the love affair, but for the questioner there will still be a good end for love.

If the hope card or the long way is next to the map, as it takes a while until the happiness is finally achieved.

In the combination with the Ehestandskarte of the fate a harmonic relationship is provided.

Kipperkarte Guter Ausgang in der Liebe

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