Kipper Card #14

14The kipper card Sad news usually shows sad and depressive moods. These feelings may e.g. Can be triggered by a negative message, but perhaps the questioner is already carrying them around with him for some time.

The further this card is from the person’s card, the better. Removed cards are usually no longer important and can be ignored. If it is directly above its head, the questioner has to deal with these emotions just intensively. The proximity to the personal map also indicates that the distress of the sad message has already been straining for some time.

In most cases, the tipper cards also reveal ways out of this depression. This is to be quickly identified by the tipper card card deck. Occasionally, the cards show e.g. By means of the change or the journey, that the questioner should be given a completely new environment by a short vacation. We often find this advice after separations and failed relationships. The partner who suffers the most from the separation should better avoid the environment that is related to these separation memories for some time – if this is possible spatially.

If the sad message is designed to the left of the personal card, this tipper card refers to a past aspect. Right cards point to future negative feelings. We also often see the combinations of who will be related to this sad news. Unfavorable, of course, is proximity to the partner’s personal map or a person’s card, which is identified as an important trusted person, e.g. By the Good Lord or the Good Lady.

In addition to the Ehestandskarte, Kleiner Kind, Todesfalls, Theft, False Person, one would like to see the Sad Nachricht reluctantly lie.

The tipper card Good luck in conjunction with the sad news indicates a happiness in misfortune. Here, the questioner receives a sad message in connection with negative feelings, but here a very happy twist will be used very quickly, or the negative message will be significantly weakened.

Kipperkarte Traurige Nachricht

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