Kipper Card #13

13In the kipper card Rich good gentleman is symbolically often the expression of a person in the environment of the questioner who is in the middle of life. The expressed aspect is support, financial security and support. The rich gentleman is often a real person, but it can also be favorable circumstances for improving a situation (see environmental maps). A positive tipper card.

A young man sits confidently on a chair in a nobler apartment. On the table next to him are numerous bills and coins – this man is indeed wealthy in the financial sense.

Often, the rich gentleman is an indication of financial security when the ehestand card is next to that card. If a female woman is just a single and the rich gentleman is right from her personal card, her partner will have a small fortune or at least be firmly in the life. This man will have enjoyed a good upbringing, perhaps education, and will have the resources to build a happy future together.

In the case of the rich good gentleman, it can also be a favorably placed business partner, supervisor or customer. This tipper card combination often appears when the questioner wants to apply for a holiday and is not sure whether it will be approved. In this case, the travel map is not far away.

If the good gentleman symbolized a possible partner, love cards are not far away. The expectation, Good output in love and great happiness are frequent combinations at a partner’s request.

If the good rich gentleman lies in the past, ie to the left of the personal map, it is often a missed opportunity. It is possible that a questionnaire has made a mistake here and rejected the possibility of a very suitable partner or committed a stupidity. The cards on the right give in this case, however, how a new opportunity might arise.

In the case of support for a project, the rich gentleman of the tipper cards symbolizes a person who offers his support. How the contact then can come about is indicated from the environmental maps (Here, especially the concrete picture motives pay attention!).

Kipperkarte Reicher guter Herr

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