Kipper Card #12

12The kipper card Reiches Mädchen is usually the symbol for a younger woman near the questioner. This may be a younger acquaintance, a relative, or the present or future partner of the interviewee.

The designation „Reiches Mädchen“ is intended to underline the positive aspect of the younger woman. This tipper card refers either to a materially wealthy young woman or to a woman with very good and rich values. Possibly. It is simply a young woman you can rely on, and you can trust her confidential thoughts. The rich girl gets a negative meaning only by very bad environmental maps. Most of the time, however, these are negative aspects which appear in the young woman.

If the rich girl is above the main person 1 with a male questioner, he thinks so intensively with this young woman. Maybe he is single and wants to be with this rich girl a common relationship. In this case, the girl under the main person would indicate that the girl or the young woman is thinking about the questioner and her thoughts are circling around him. In addition to the Ehestandskarte is a woman who will soon enter into a new relationship or marriage, possibly with the questioner himself.

The importance of this woman can also be made directly dependent on the question. Frequently, this tipper card also symbolizes the own already older daughter of a questioner.

The temporal aspect in connection with the empire girl results from the position of the tipper card to the main card of the main person. If the map to the left are past aspects intimated, right future.

In combination with the Little Child it can be a young woman with a smaller child or a woman with a pregnancy.

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