Kipper Card #11

11.pngThe winning card wins a lot of money is about the achievement of goals as well as financial advantages. You can meet a great dream because you can afford something expensive. This card can also be applied to intangible things, e.g. The existence of a test or the experience of a longed-for experience.

When winning a lot of money in the tipper cards is therefore generally about the wishful filling. The kind of desire we learn from the neighboring species and whether this is realistic.

If a lot of money win over the head of the person card of the questioner is thus concerned the questioning intensely with the thought. The card-holder is allowed to inquire about the dream. The cantilever recognizes e.g. On the basis of the hoping tipper card, whether this wish will remain a hope. Also the map long way indicates that the questioner still has to be patient to achieve his goal.

It is convenient for this tipper card, if it is located on the right somewhere from the personal map. The achievement of the goal is then in the future and can also be achieved realistically. If, on the other hand, the card is to the left of the personal card, this is an indication of a past situation in which the questioner has mostly experienced financial positive changes or achieved a particular goal.

This tipper card often also identifies certain persons within our circle who have a certain material or intellectual faculty.

With a lot of money, you can do something that has a high value for yourself and for others. Money is only a means of exchange and a means of preserving value. Money symbolizes the fact that I have the right to claim a certain benefit and that money represents a benefit. In doing so, it is independent of the performance I want to have. I wish, for example, An expensive car of which I know that the dealer would like 100,000 EUR. With these 100,000 EUR I can buy the car from the dealer. So I’m not primarily concerned about the money but the car I would like to own. Another motivation may be e.g. To have so much money that I can comfortably live from interest. Again, it is not about the money and the printed paper but simply about the desire to be able to live well without having to labor hard for my livelihood.

Kipperkarte Viel Geld gewinnen

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