Kipper Card #10

10.pngAt the tipper card A trip is mainly and symbolically for an excursion, a trip or a holiday. Since this tipper card represents a horse-drawn carriage, it sometimes symbolizes a car or other means of transport.

The journey is also available in the related fortune cards to Madame Lenormand and in the gypsy maps. The gypsies often form a ship as a symbol of the journey. The gypsies also use a horse-drawn carriage as a symbol.

The type of travel is determined by the combinations of the environmental tipper cards. In principle, the most important aspect is the positioning of the representative card of the main persons. Link from it refers to a past trip, to the right of it the journey still takes place. Over the main person, she already thinks about the trip or already makes the first travel arrangements.

If the questioner was busy acquiring a car or had an accident, the travel card represents the corresponding vehicle or car.

It can also be carried out by the voyage but also e.g. A side jump, often in the combination of the partner card with the wrong person.

If the trip is close to the partner’s personal map, you can start from a joint holiday. If the questioner is single, a new acquaintance with a person from the opposite sex appears in this card combination. Here too, positive maps indicate a pleasant holiday, e.g. Happiness or z.h. Honors come. For negative cards, e.g. Death, giddy thoughts or grief and adversity, you should make appropriate preparations so that the holiday does not bring any preventable surprises.

If the questioner is planning a holiday … In combination with the short illness, one should pay particular attention to taking only well-cooked food during the holiday. Also salads or unpacked ice cream should be avoided.

Kipperkarte Eine Reise

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