Steampunk Astrology Kipper #7

7 A Pleasant Letter

General description:
On the one hand, this is about news, communications, new information, and on the other hand, documents, documents, documents, documents (including securities, shares, Pfandbriefe). In the past, this was mostly done by mail, today this card can also be an e-mail, a fax, a telephone call or a text message.

The map will also encourage us to take care of the remaining writing and to get a message, a message, a life-sign.
In itself, the card points to a positive message, as well as, if placed next to an item card, on a pleasing course of the matter.


If the map is in a rather negative environment, it becomes neutral and describes the causative theme area by its location, thus showing us „where the hare is in the pepper“.


General statements:
~ News, communications, new information
~ Documents, documents, certificates

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