Steampunk Astrology Kipper #6

6 The Good Lady


 General description:
This card is the female counterpart to card No. 5 and describes an older female person, together they can represent an older couple, e.g. Parents, grandchildren, grandparents. It does not necessarily have to be a pair, this should be questioned.

The good lady as well as the good gentleman exert a great influence on the life of the principal card. This may be conscious or unconscious. Whether the influence is more of a promoting or inhibiting nature is shown by the map, for even if the good lady and the good gentleman can do well and dearly my love – too much love can harm as well as not enough.
In this context, it can also be a question of a problem which is caused by education or the like. Mediated role, which affects the main person in your way of life, if not even.

If there is a lover, this card could also be for the wife. If the beloved husband is married, she represents his wife.

For homosexuals, she is the partner of the female main person.

Furthermore, this card generally means:

~ joy
~ General statements:
~ Sympathetic elderly, female person
~ Mother roll
~ (womans) pleasure

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