Steampunk Astrology Kipper #3

3 Matrimony

General description:

This is the card of the solid bonds; something that assumes the be „status“ of a „marriage“.

Here, these bonds may already exist or are in public or private. You can see or not that bond, but it is there.

In the private sector, the card can therefore confess both a marriage, marriage, engagement as moving towards one another, suggest entering into a committed relationship.

But always there is a tighter, connecting character in some „special“ realationship.

In addition to the love relationship ~ we find here also the family ties too. All of them can bi represent by this cart.

Likewise, business partnerships, companies etc. All relationships that require commitment, making promises, respect for obligations and duties towards someone or something, signing contract & agreement, give someone something in their hands, the true responsibility.

If the cards are specially open for a relationship, look at the placement of a man and a women on the card, and surrounding cards will describe both of them.

General :
• tight binding
• solid partnership
• TIME : within a year
• Numerology it is No.0

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