Sibilla Indovina ~ Trap

Three of Spades

GENERAL MEANING : deception or cheating, misrepresentation, deception, trouble with the law.

CARD STRAIGHT: Unbeknownst to the consulting someone schemed behind him. In business, the situation was unclean, ill-gained money, the person has been exploited. Better beware of shady characters and make sure of the veracity of the claims made. A marriage of convenience.

CARD DOWN : subterfuge for purposes of self-interest, a very credible person, moral damages, gains undeserved, small illegal cases, theft immediately, enmities influential, a wrong suffered in the past, a person of great wickedness and selfishness.

The dark haired man : false nature
Love : convenience engagement to a rich man
The Delay : a distressing situation


Up card is the trap or something that blocks and prevents it from moving forward or progredire.A times is the same consultant to become his trap for too much insecurity afraid to get out of old schemi. Also indicate imprisonment or closed-minded.

Down card shows escape from routine, it comes from the old patterns, someone who change our point of view. Also indicate subterfuge, cunning to get in order.

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