Sibilla Indovina ~ Players

Two of Spades

GENERAL MEANING : fun, enjoyable meeting organized, important dinner, business meeting. It represents the festive meetings, joy and contentment to the heart. Although engagement or infatuation.

CARD STRAIGHT: is a strong card positivity and is all more or less social occasions at which the consultant likes to participate. Circumscribes the entire sphere of friends, old and new situations that bring the subject to interpersonal and personal communications, phone, welcome message, partying in general. The meeting where the consultant will get approvals and awards. In loving marriage life, wedding nearby, birth, baptism.

CARD DOWN : delays, sudden movements, the organization will fade at the last minute. Temperamentally too uncomfortable, difficult to integrate into society, psychological and physical complexes, discord between individuals, more or less animated discussions, emotional ruptures, moral detachment. Even the period of moral depression in which the consultant can only rely on himself.

Love : more and more people are involved in some situations
The Excursion : outing with family
Scare : Sad function, disease, funeral
The Fun : high earnings


Up card shows the fun things or lived without commitment. Card becomes positive or negative depending on the other cards. In question as if it comes to a love issue may indicate that they are experienced for fun and not with seriousness of intent .

Down card indicates a person unsociable and inability to experience things with ease. Sometimes it is about people or situations that are impossibly heavy and the consultant do not how to handle it quietly, and usually letting him self into a rage.

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