Sibilla Indovina ~ Loss of money

Five of Spades

GENERAL MEANING : Loss of something material (money or a valuable asset) but also memory loss, time delays and obstacles. Unclear vision of a situation.

CARD STRAIGHT: the consultant has left something important to him, and thanks to this card and to those that flank will know for sure if it will have a chance to find him. In case of difficulties ideas on how to go about finding him we will not be very clear so you should refrain from finding deceptive solutions. In case of personal crisis this card indicates the search for identity.

CARD DOWN : Final Loss, delays in searches, insights rooms, wrong decision in starting with great difficulty of recovery. Incompetent people surrounding the consultant in his work activities. Be wary of advice given by superficial people, who do not have to deal with the problem in question. Someone is hiding the truth to the consultant.

Close to money cards there will be loss of money, a big los
Close to the male or female figures representing mental confusion
With the Victory item you have lost will bi found

Hint :

Up card indicates the loss of something important, a love, a beneficial deal, or maybe just the money that was spent male.A times are memories that are lost, maybe you missed an appointment or to do greetings to a friend. This card leaves the possibility of finding what was lost or the wrongs.

Down card are opportunities that were missed are lost forever and what is finite has no way of restart or if it is a person – a complete loss of contact with a person or an insurmountable option of reconciliation in love.

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