Sibilla Indovina ~ Infantilism

Ten of Spades

GENERAL MEANING: it is a disadvantage of inauspicious omens, focused negativity, personal torments.

CARD STRAIGHT: announces resentments, sadness, resignation, adverse events that create discomfort and disorders. In the workplace is the failure, loss of work and money. On the emotional level it indicates discover infidelity, vices and sexual ambiguity.

CARD BACKWARDS : grief is small and not material, describes the circumstances in which you become aware of unpleasant and unexpected negative news news. Dejection, depression, psychosomatic illness. Affections announces conflicts, furious quarrels, mood pieces.

With money cards: large outputs, squandering
With hearts cards: sorrow and betrayal
House (city or country): mortgage, eviction, material losses


Up card brings inexperience, ingenuity but also candore. All what started as at the beginning. This card represents a child too.

Down card brings cowardice, fear, inadequacy. Also represents those who try to escape their responsibility. Person being spoiled and arrogance.

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