Sibilla Indovina ~ Inconstancy

Six of Spades

GENERAL MEANING : indecision and personal insecurity, difficulties of dialogue. Shy person unable to express their feelings.

CARD STRAIGHT: the consultant hard to make a decision because of his sense of inferiority and insecurity. Personal complexes, mistrust, traumatic experiences of the past. In love the person described by this paper is not capable of reliability. At work it is an unreliable partner, the situation is difficult to overcome the economic crisis. A depressed person, silent, anguished.

CARD DOWN : a period of temporary difficulties, the time taken to reflect, of indecision in the affective field. A person who needs to escape, a friend who needed comfort, a routine situation, unemployment, uncertainty. The consultant will have to prune patience for the unfriendly behavior of the person dear to him.

This card creates indecision about to nearby cards.
With Love : an unstable relationship that is unlikely to be durable, retrogression, misunderstandings
With Money card : unfinished projects


Up card speaks of instability and insecurity in indecision. Indicate what one considers criticism and attack on self-esteem. Void period at work or in love. Non not know which way to go, you are not sure of what you feel or what fare.

Down card : reflection, patience. Period of instability, or indecision will be short-termed.

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