Sibilla Indovina ~ Gifts

Nine of Flowers

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: a fortuitous situation, surprises and unexpected ads, more or less cheerful news as appropriate.

CARD STRAIGHT: represents an unexpected specific incident or a particularly favorable period. Winnings to the game, unexpected money, renewal of an employment contract, the consolidation of a relationship, new professional opportunities. In love is a homage symbolically or the engagement ring or a wedding promise.

CARD DOWN: Please do not reciprocated, gift unappreciated, interested offer by a person opportunist, withdrawals of a rash judgment, cowardice, fears and illusions. In the work may be a period in which the consultant is not giving the best of themselves, so a crisis situation. underestimated offer that instead should be analyzed with criteria that advantageous. Attitude of excessive superficiality.

With Hearts cards always symbolizes a good omen events, next happiness, confidence
With Friendship : person with whom you might have affection, positive thinking, pleasant memory
With Angry Woman : disservice

Up card indicates all that is unexpected and positive. Sorprese, invitations or even visits from friends gradite. Also true and good deals. Also Represents fortuitous occasions wich must be exploited.

Down card : Opportunism or even the inability to be rational and the opportunities are ruined. Generally wary of proposals that seem attractive but have hidden dangers.

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