Sibilla Indovina ~ Flatter

Jack of Flowers

GENERAL MEANING: the lure is made out of opportunism, to awaken at all costs the interest of the unaware consultant.

CARD STRAIGHT: is a tactic used by an individual to get something of his own interest. It must therefore be wary of those who are praising you suddenly for no apparent reason. At the level of quality we do recommend using special care depending on the circumstances in which it is located, since its consequences will depend on our attitude.

CARD DOWN: is a small lie told with good intentions, however, not tied to a real sleazy method but also to a new knowledge that might not be very sincere. In another context it can be a tactic to be able to make peace with someone with whom you disagreed, or a little welcome gift.

The Protector: soon who has bestowed upon you a favor will want its own advantage
In a context of gossip with the card Chatter is a total lie, do not trust anything
The Delay card is a broken promise


Up card tells you to be wary of who flatters us as it does for its tornaconto. It is a situation we must not risk as it is not all gold that shines. Attentione to appearances.

Card reversed: Flattery is the end to itself and therefore not malevolent. Little white lies, teling something to hide real truth so that nobody would be hurt or offended.

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