Sibilla Indovina ~ Fear & Death

Nine of Spades

GENERAL MEANING : The paper represents the radical changes that affect the life of the consultant.

CARD STRAIGHT: change of state of life, sudden renewal, overturning of a situation. After a sentimental or work situation, far journey. The situation is unexpected success, unexpected realization, ability to retrieve a lost opportunity. Rebirth or events revolution.

CARD DOWN : change from a positive state to a negative one, breakup of a situation beyond repair. Permanent delays, obstacles insurmountable, distant resolution. Conflicts, depression, destructive choices. Aggravation of a disease.

Success: the end of a difficult period, personal revival
Victory: the consultant will get the better of a competitor


The up card shows a change, though these will depend vicine. This card still is a bad card, but the changes will be a positive or negative in place bring suffering, depends on the surrounding cards. Change also indicate the end of something, but the eventually it is nothing scary but just a new beginning ~ all people are afraid of the new and unknown.

Reverse card indicates that there is so determined to stay in the same location, there is resistance to change with the unique capacity to lengthen the stock, trickle in a way. But the end it is only postponed.

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